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* Do you know what Web monitoring is?

Suggested page: Web monitoring

Web monitoring is a very useful and beneficial tool. Typically, it is included as a part of a monitoring service. It functions by sending HTTP(S) requests to the assigned IP address. Moreover, when you start using it, it is possible to customize the hostname, port, and path.

You can perform the following checks:

  • HTTP
  • HTTP with a custom string in the response
  • HTTPS with a custom string in the response

Web checks are crucial for making sure that your service or website is operating correctly. That way, you can ensure excellent performance and high uptime for your customers. It is important to note that the constant monitoring of your server or website is extremely important. It helps you find and fix any network issues fast and quickly fix them.

The beneficial outcome of implementing Web checks and a Monitoring service is that you will guarantee availability for your visitors.

For more details, we suggest you take a look and read additional information about Web monitoring.